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MJ Goggin

I have four favorite B’s (Benefits) at The Reserve:

BIRD WATCHING! Until you’ve gotten up close and personal with the Red headed Sand Crane, you can’t imagine the majesty and beauty of this bird. It lives here at The Reserve in pairs (they mate for life) and announce their arrival quite enthusiastically each day. They love sunflower seeds and make no bones about letting you know when they’re hungry. Posing for pictures seems to come naturally to them and interaction with humans comes easily.

BICYCLING! I may be 81 but riding a bike came back as easily as if I’d never stopped. And here at The Reserve with our nicely paved roads, a 30 minute trip through the community is the best exercise ever. Remember, this is Florida where weather is never a deterrent. Those 50 pounds I lost with Weight Watchers 2 years ago are gone forever thanks to my daily bicycle ride which just naturally leads to my

BEAUTIFUL surroundings! whether it’s watching the spectacular sunsets, listening to the wetland critters chirping through the night , enjoying the different landscapes and home designs throughout the neighborhood on my daily excursions, or admiring the beauty of so many different Florida palm trees, it’s all so beautiful. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by my final B which is

BINGO! For those who enjoy the games, there’s one to be found nearby each and every evening (and occasionally day, as well). It would be my pleasure to introduce anyone to this fun activity at The Reserve in New Port Richey.

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