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shuffleboard Are you a fan of shuffleboard? Why not engage in some friendly competition with your peers? The Reserve at Grand Valley has a marvelous shuffleboard court for our residents to enjoy. Not only is shuffleboard a fun outdoor activity, it is the perfect way to meet new people!

How To Play

The game of shuffleboard is composed of half rounds. You use a tall cue to “shuffle” six-inch discs along a 52 foot-long-court. Scores are tallied when each half round ends. The object of the game is to score points by moving your discs to the far end of the court and to knock your opponent’s discs off the court or into the region where he or she is unable to score. There are five scoring areas ranging from seven to ten points. The goal of the game is to score 75 points! At the end of the last half round, the player with the highest score (it is possible to exceed 75 points) wins!

Shuffleboard is a beach town staple. Get outside, enjoy the weather and partake in a leisurely game! Shuffleboard can be played in two-person teams or with just two opponents. The Reserve at Grand Valley is one of the most active and enjoyable retirement communities on the Gulf Coast of Florida.